First and foremost can I wish everyone a very happy new year, and secondly I must apologise for being rather quiet on the blogging front. It is with much embarrassment that after launching my new blog that I then fail to actually write any posts. Have I been too busy to post? No, not really. Have I led such a boring existence that I’ve had nothing to write a post about? Errm…looking back, whilst my diary has hardly been choc-a-block full of exciting or even faintly interesting events to attend, neither has it exactly been totally blank. Have I suffered from bloggers block? Hardly…you’d be amazed by how many posts I’ve composed in my head in the middle of the night, only to be put on my mental “must do” list the next day. I have even spent a whole week trying out scone recipes so that I could compare recipes and blog my results. My poor friends at work must have been well and truly sick of the sight of scones come Friday! In my kitchen cupboard is a collection of Victoria Sandwich cake mixes waiting to be baked, tested and then blogged about. Hanging my head in shame, I therefore have to admit that the only excuse I have is just pure laziness and an inclination to procrastinate rather than get on with things.

procrastinatorIt’s a new year now though and of course that means time to make new resolutions. So along with that perennial old favourite, the losing a zillion pounds and join a gym (ha! Did I just see a pig fly?) resolution, being a regular blogger is high up on my list of must do things for 2013. So, time to stop waffling and get writing !

writingWe all know that New Year is well-known as a time for reflection and for looking forward. So let’s start off with the reflection bit and here is my list of what was good and not so good for yours truly in 2012.

!.It goes without saying that the absolute highlight of my year was marrying my gorgeous Mr R  in July. What a perfect day that was.Totally, mind-blowingly wonderful from start to finish.

2. Although I already knew it, discovering what amazing friends I have and how supportive they were especially in times of pre wedding stress !

3.A fabulous honeymoon in the south of France despite the fact that I spent far too long sitting inches away from a fan trying to cool down from the nudging 100 degree heat!

4. Attending number one son’s graduation ceremony. Such a proud moment.

5.Lunch at Le Manoir de Quat Saisons. A post wedding treat from my aforementioned friends. What a fabulous experience.

6.Being featured in an article in Woman’s Weekly and several wedding blogs.

7.Enjoying a fabulous weekend in Lyme Regis. That’s this years holiday destination taken care of.

8. Discovering a creative side I didn’t think I had when planning the little details for our wedding.

9. Meeting up with my fabulous Twitter friends who are now both very dear pals of mine. Without social media I would never have met them.

10.After a 30 years absence, finally meeting old colleagues I worked with on my first ward after qualifying. Those 30 long years didn’t matter. It was as if we last saw each other yesterday.

11. Getting a job at John Lewis. Sadly only for Christmas, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages.

12. Being plagued with doubts about my wedding dress and hating the whole dress alteration business. It there’s one thing I regret about the wedding, it’s my choice of dress.

13. Not baking enough.

14. After 8 years of being very happy in my job, discovering that I no longer look forward to going in to work every morning and not agreeing with or like changes that are supposed to be for the benefit of the children.

So what about the future? What goals and aspirations do I have for the next 12 months?

Apart from being a frequent blogger and losing that zillion pounds my main focus is to discover a new direction on the job front. I love being a teaching assistant but it’s time for a change. In my very own fantasy world I would be the owner of a little cafe preferably next to the sea. Unless I win the lottery that’s not going to happen. I really have no idea what to do.

cafeI also want to help Mr R get over his phobia of flying so that we can explore that big wide world of ours. Stop being a wuss and drive on slip roads. Bake, bake and bake a little more. Lose my cankles and get into a pair of boots. Stop procrastinating and wasting time. Discover new skills. Continue being thankful that I have a gorgeous husband, wonderful sons, fabulous friends and family, good health and reasonable financial security. In all honesty what more do I need!