For many months now I’ve lost my blogging mojo and to be honest there’s been a distinct lack of anything worth blogging about. Which of course is a pretty pathetic excuse as life is never that dull and you can blog about anything and everything. Whether someone bothers to read about anything and everything is another matter!  How I envy those bloggers who are gifted in the writing department and consistantly produce something every day that’s not only well written, but worth reading too. Mrs Bush, my O level English teacher always told me that I was pretty hopeless at the subject and may as well focus on other subjects such as Home Economics, so bearing this in mind, becoming a blogger of any decent calibre just ain’t going to happen ! Still, I like writing in my own amateurish way and it stops me from sitting on the sofa watching mindless TV whilst munching my way through the under the stairs crisps stash!

ImageIt’s not only what to write and how to write it that’s the problem, I’m also sadly lacking in any IT skills. Something that you really need in this day and age if you want to do anything remotely visually exciting on a blog. I grew up in an age when technology was the stuff of Tomorrow’s World, a TV programme from way back that was sort of science and technology based and showed us that one day computers may be small enough to get through your front door. Technology when I was young meant singing badly into a reel to reel tape recorder, taking photos with a Pocket Instamatic and watching a black and white TV that had a tiny screen, a dial to find the three television stations and which needed valves to make it work and which quite often blew!  


Sadly I can only type painfully slowly with one finger and that is down to the fact that my parents couldn’t afford to send me to the lady down the road who taught girls typing skills on huge machines in preperation for the typing pools that was the alternative to working in a nylon overall at the nearest branch of Liptons!

Image  Image

The first time I was ever had the ability to control something on a screen was the Space Invaders table top game in the pub back in the 1980’s. Pretty darn exciting back in those days I’m telling you, and much more fun than a game of dominos or bar billiards.


Our first PC arrived back in the early 90’s. It was huge and only did anything in black and white, In fact I can’t remember it being able to do very much at all. It wasn’t until a few years later that we treated ourselves to a PC that was all singing all dancing and did things in colour! We even could play games on it! Prince of Persia was a favourite and the graphics were amazing…for 1995!


We had to wait a few more years before the internet made it’s way into our home, and back then there was of course no such thing as Broadband and the only way you could connect was using dial up. Every minute on the internet cost money so I was restricted to half an hour a day. Can you imagine that happening now? Until recently my parents were still using dial up and allowed themselves two minutes use a day, five at a push. They had to convert to Broadband eventually, but they haven’t as yet worked out how it works and refuse to use it!

Of course technology is everywhere these days. There’s no getting away from it and I would be the first to admit to feeling stranded if I can’t get onto the internet. I am still living in the dark ages when it comes to mobile phones. Mine came out of the Ark and all it can do apart from allowing me to make and receive phone calls is to send a text. That’s it. Nothing else. To be honest I’m embarrased to be seen with it and plan to someday upgrade it, but whether I can work out how to use it is another matter!


I find it embarrasing to admit that I haven’t a clue how to upload photos or put things in folders are do anything faintly creative or clever. I have to rely on the trusty old trial and error technique, so please excuse any mistakes and a distinct lack of graphics and images.

I was going to write a post about something, but I’ve taken so long typing this that I have forgotten what it was. I also have cramp in my typing finger so I’m off to my sofa to open a packet of crisps and catch up with Come Dine With Me!

P.S Please excuse any blaringly obvious spelling mistakes. I can’t find the spell check!