My boy has flown the nest for a second time. When he left to go to university there was always a good chance that at some point he would return to the fold and become the raider of the fridge and maker of dirty dishes! This time though it’s different. This time it is very unlikely that he will come home to live here again. Visits from now on will be for the odd weekend or family celebration and that makes me sad.But that’s me being just a little selfish and not wanting times to change. I am however immensely proud that he has made the decision to join the army and become a soldier. His choice of career doesn’t surprise me one bit. He has always been a team player, adventerous, fearless and strongly approves of a regime of discipline and respect. He thrived as first a cub, then a scout and finally a member of the army cadets.After obtaining a degree in film studies he floundered a bit as many graduates do looking for jobs in a seriously competative market. He had a dead end part time job paying next to nothing and living in a shared house which he couldn’t afford to the point where he had to choose in the depth of winter either to have heat or food. He chose food! It didn’t take him long to find his way to the local army recruiting centre and here we are 14 months later with me waving him off and left refusing to go into his room just incase I start blubbing!

Both my boys mean the world to me and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love them both. But what makes Sam…Sam?

Sam is the baby who refused to be born and decided to get stuck on his great journey into the big new world.

Sam is the toddler who stripped naked in a field of sheep the day we moved to the country.

Sam is the four year old who escaped from the house to be found exploring neighbouring homes.

Sam is the boy who would have me chasing him up and down supermarket aisles and then hide behind the toilet rolls.

Sam is the boy who dressed in a tutu and had his headteacher in fits of laughter as he danced The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Sam is the boy who passed his 11+ and loved his one year at grammar school despite the weekly detentions for acting the clown.

Sam is the boy who is immensely loyal to his friends and will do almost anything for them

Sam is the boy who scraped into university and lived life as a student to the full

Sam is the man who fell through the roof of a garage and fractured his heel, although he can’t remember much about it

Sam is the man who walked his mum nervously down the aisle on her wedding day.

Sam is the man who will work every hour going and never let anyone down.

Sam is a wonderful son, brother, grandson and friend. His smile is broad and his heart is big.

Sam, my lad, I am very proud of you and love you dearly!