My weight seems to have been an issue for as long as I can remember. Not that I actually had an issue with it when I was a mere slip of a girl. Until I was in my mid twenties I was a very petite size 8. Perfect for my five foot frame. But I grew up very aware that if I ate too much then I would end up like many on my mum’s side of the family..fat! My mum was always, and still is at 78 on a diet. She is a consummate yoyo dieter!

001001Skinny me in my mid twenties. Hard to believe that I felt I needed to diet then!

I have diaries from years back that record how many calories I had consummed. I laugh now at entries that state 1000 cals eaten. Weight..8st 1 lb! Totally mad!

Post babies I began to expand in all directions except up! One minute I was this little thing and the next I had turned into a Weeble!weebleWeebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

So, to cut a long story short, I have pretty much been on one long unsuccessful diet for the last 20 years. Lose a few pounds here, gain a lot more there. Up, down, up, down..yoyoing like billy-o.

I don’t want to diet anymore. I don’t want to count calories, count points, drink horrible shakes or be a slave to the scales. I do want to lose weight. I need to, but not by dieting. I want to change my eating habits for the better, be more active without feeling that I need to suddenly start training for a marathon and basically get healthier. Hopefully by making changes I will slowly, but steadily start shrinking and feel better for it.


So, this is my plan.


  • eating biscuits like they were going out of fashion
  • don’t wait until 5pm at the weekend to eat.
  • Eat earlier, not past 9pm
  • Think that I need to put as much food on my plate as Graham’s. He’s 6ft 6 and is very active. He needs to eat more than I do!
  • Going to bed at stupid times. After midnight every night is just silly!
  • cut down on sugary foods
  • cut out ready meals. I am a good cook..make the most of that!
  • feeling negative about myself


  • positive thoughts all the way
  • increase my fruit and vegetable intake
  • drink more ..and I don’t mean wine!
  • be more active
  • Don’t deny myself the odd little treat. Remenber its a treat, not a daily staple
  • use a small plate!
  • start a clean eating plan

Eat clean? I can hear you say. Does Brigitte have a food hygeine problem? Eating clean on this occasion has nothing to do with making sure that you’ve rinsed your fruit and veg, or not slicing your tomatoes on your raw meat chopping board! Clean eating means eating foods that come from nature. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lentils and beans, lean meat and fish and healthy fats. It means ditching the highly processed foods that are high in refined sugar, salt, additives, preservatives, preservatives and trans fats.

I first came across The Kitchen Shed when having a browse on twitter. I opened the link to a blog and was instantly hooked. The Kitchen Shed is written by Charlie, a mum who is training to be a nutritionist. Her blog is all about clean eating and is jam packed with information, recipes and ideas. I loved her food philosophy, and her 30 day challenge. Here was a healthy way to eat that meant you could never be hungry, feel energised, know exactly what you are eating (no hidden nasties) and have the option of taking three flexi days. I like a challenge, so I thought, why not..let’s go for it!

So that’s just what I’m doing and at the end of each week I’ll give you an update. And now it’s time to go. I have a roasted vegetable with wholemeal pasta to prepare!

Until next time

Brigitte xx