It’s been just over a week now since I hid the leftover Christmas chocolates (as long as they remain wrapped I will leave well alone) and drank my last glass of Sauvignon Blanc for the time being and embarked on “The Plan”

I have to say that I woke up on Day One with a bit of a spring in my step and eager as a beaver to get going on my quest for a healthier life. As the word “diet” is a banned word from now on in this house, I felt like dumping the scales in the wheelie bin, but Mr R would have had a fit. He is very attached to the bathroom scales. I tell him that weighing yourself several times a day is not wise, but alas I’m talking to deaf ears.

The evening before Day One, being super organised, I had an online delivery of super healthy groceries. I spent far more than I normally would, but many of the items would last for weeks so I wasn’t too worried. In fact, this weeks grocery bill was back to around what I would normally spend. The fridge was soon groaning for mercy after almost bursting at the seems with enough fruit and vegetables to stock a farmers market stall. The bread bin meanwhile was home to just a lonely loaf of rye and sunflower bread and a box of oatcakes. No more biscuits or hidden packets of Dolly Mixtures and Jelly Beans!


My mornings have started off with a bowl of either Rude Health  porridge with 5 seeds and 5 grains cooked with Rude Health oat drink and topped with raspberries and maple syrup, or Rude Health Bircher meusli with milk and grated apple. Both delicious and filling. I have to admit to becoming a bit of a Rude Health addict. Better that than being a Cadburys or Mr Kipling addict don’t you think!

Mid morning, I have either had a banana and satsuma or a fruit smoothie. Lunches have included tuna and chickpea salad, vegetable soup, left over vegetable pasta or quinoa salad. Mid afternoon I’ve nibbled on oatcakes and almond butter. Lots more vegetables, grains, wholewheat pasta and rice. Plus, lean meat or oily fish for supper. And that’s usually it. I don’t feel peckish at all and don’t need to pick. I’ve not been tempted to dip into the biscuit tin at work and haven’t touched a drop of wine all week, although I must admit to sipping a tiny amount of beer at my WI meeting, but it was a beer tasting session and it would have been churlish to abstain!

womens institute beer Most WI branches stick to tea and cake, but not at the North Swindon WI !

And I haven’t avoided chocolate altogether. I did rather enjoy two squares of Green and Black chocolate at the weekend. I have read that chocolate is actually good for you as long as it’s a decent 72% dark chocolate and that you don’t wolf down the whole bar in one go! It’s amazing when you only have a little square how slowly you can nibble it to make it last!

My meals for the week included

P1030873 My delicious Rude Health porridge

P1030875 Tuna and chickpea salad

P1030876 Spinach and mushroon omlette

P1030879 Roasted med veg pasta

P1030881 Lemon and ginger salmon, quinoa and sugar snap peas

P1030883Coriander, lime pesto king prawns with wholemeal pasta

P1030884 Turkey fajita stuffed baked sweet potatoes

P1030888 Carrot and coriander soup

I won’t give up coffee. It’s my one vice that I really, really enjoy and my plan isn’t about depriving myself of everything. Wine, I’m happy to give a miss, coffee…never! I only have about three cups a day, so I’m hardly buzzing with the caffeine!

coffee Only three coffees a day, but I never said what size my coffee cup was did I !

So, before I start polishing my halo, where have I lost Brownie points?

  • Exercise….not happening due to rubbish trainers (pitiful excuse!)
  • Early night….Midnight is not early enough, but at least it’s no longer 1am!
  • Eating earlier in the evening….a bit hit and miss here especially at the weekend!

All in all I’m feeling the benefits of a healthier diet. I have tons more energy and have lost that post Christmas bloated feeling. My back aches less when I wake up (have no idea why that should be) and there is that very very almost undetectable spring in my step, although that could be all in the mind!

Early days but so far so good. A big thank you to all that have supported me and not waved chocolate digestives under my nose, and also to the lovely Charlie from The Kitchen Shed for the fab clean eating recipes, support. and encouragment.

Until next time lovely people

Brigitte xx