This is Jack and he’s my son.


I’ve just spent two lovely days with him in Cardiff where he is a student in his final year of a maths degree. He will probably cringe when he reads this but I’m one very proud mum who loves him to bits and wants to tell everyone what a lovely, clever and unique young man he is.

This probably sounds awful, but I really can’t remember him much as a baby. His mischievous elder brother kept me on my toes so much that it was a god send that Jack was a perfectly behaved baby who probably looked on bemused as his mummy tore her hair out as Sam posted yet another Digestive into the video recorder or made one of his frequent mad dashes for freedom!


But quiet, well-behaved Jack was waiting for the right time to make his presence known, and that he did by becoming the most stubborn little boy by the age of four. He refused point-blank to open his mouth at the dentist, do as he was told at  sight and hearing tests and allow a pair of scissors within five feet from his hair. He had the most beautiful red hair that just grew longer and longer! His first school Christmas production had him standing in the middle of the stage with his arms firmly crossed, his foot stamping and refusing  to do his bit. It was one of those moments when as parents we denied he was ours!IMG_20150219_0003

When he was born we called him The Little Professor, but when he started school it soon became apparent he really was one bright spark, especially when it came to maths. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he ended up doing a degree in it. Throughout school and college he passed exams and tests with flying colours but where he got his mathematical brain from is a mystery. Certainly not from me who failed even to get a maths CSE!


Jack has many talents. He writes beautifully, loves to act and is proving to be a great cook. Unfortunately like his mother he can’t sing a note. But this didn’t stop him entering a talent show and giving a truly awful rendition of Goldeneye in the style of Shirley Bassey. His parents were sorely tempted to slink away, but of course we didn’t and were very proud that he’d got up on that stage and faced an audience in the first place!

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How wonderful it’s been to watch my beautiful son over the years turn from a little boy into the man he is today. Clever, thoughtful, caring and ambitious with a fantastic future ahead of him. Anytime now he’s going to be an uncle and what a great uncle he will be.

Yes, this is Jack. My Jack, and I’m so very proud of him.