A week or so ago I decided that my little blog needed a bit of a revamp. I wanted it to give it a different look, so out went the old wedding photo header declaring that I should keep calm as I’m gorgeous, which is in reality only partially true. I’m usually pretty calm, but the gorgeous bit is stretching the truth by miles! I decided a vintage typewriter image sort of went with my A Fifty Something Me blog name and after much debating, went with the photo you see above, which I think is rather nice.

brigitte + graham hi res-4

Calm? Usually. Gorgeous? Hardly!

Changing the look was easy enough. On WordPress you can play around with different themes and there are plenty of free ones to choose from. I must have tried dozens before I decided on this one. Then things started getting complicated. I wanted to add a menu, or what I thought was a menu but in fact as you will read later, wasn’t a menu at all!  Until now I’ve been quite happy with just an About page, but I got a bit greedy and wanted to add others. Trouble was I had absolutely no idea how to go about putting tabs on my blog for people to click. See, even now, I’m not sure if tab is the right term to use. Why oh why is computer language a whole load of gobbledegook…menus,pages, tabs, catagories…..and they are just the easy ones! I tried following video tutorials, but I just ended up shouting at this really smug looking guy with an adenoids problem to please slow down. Don’t say it’s really easy, when plainly to thickos like me it’s clearly not! My blog customizer kept telling me my theme could only support one menu, yet the theme demo said differently. By now I was getting to the point where I could either keep pulling my hair out and carry on trying (I value my hair, so that was not an option) Pay someone to do it (cue Mr R looking worried) or give up and be content with just posting waffling bits of writing. So waffling it was going to have to be!


No problem is worth pulling your hair out for!

A good night’s sleep and an “I’m not going to be beaten” change of attitude, found me yet again searching for the answer to my dilemma. Well, to cut a long story short, I came across a tutorial about adding categories. A few clicks later and up popped a Family button (tab? button?….whatever!) which actually flipping well worked! This was my Eureka moment and poor Mr R thought I had finally flipped as he witnessed me whooping for joy and dancing around the house in floral jimjams punching the air chanting “go Brigitte, go Brigitte!

Exellent idea, kid with illustrated bulb above his head

A lightbulb moment has made me very happy indeed!

As of now I have two categories, Family and Books. A cake recipe one will follow shortly. I have a  giveaway planned and that category will be up and running soon and I would really like to start reviewing  (hint, hint…anyone who would like me to review something then I’m your man, sorry…woman!)

So, for now I’m a happy bunny as far as my little blog is concerned. I feel rather proud of my achievement, no matter how small it may seem. I would also like to add some social media icon buttons, improve my viewing figures and maybe earn myself a little award or two sometime in the future. But for now I’m just going to pat myself on the back and stop this eternal waffling!