Time for my 10 things linky again! The lovely Stevie from A Cornish Mum blog explains every month how to link this up with other bloggers, but being probably the most hopeless blogger in the whole of Cyber Space, then I doubt very much if I’ve ever linked with anyone. It’s no wonder my readership is at best small and at worse, non existent. To think I get excited when my stats reach a grand total of 50 views in a day. That’s 50 out of everyone with a computer in the whole wide world! Good grief…why do I even bother!!

Right, enough whingeing for now. Here, my dear reader(s) is my list of 10 places that I would really like to visit or revisit.

1 Right now, at this very moment in time, I would like to be sitting on a bench next to a fishing hut drinking a glass of chilled Muscadet at Priests Cove in Cornwall. Absolutely one of my favourite places on earth. So special, that I’ve instructed Mr R to scatter my ashes there when the time comes!

priests Cove

Fishermen's Huts at Cape Cornwall, Priests Cove, Cornwall, England

2 Paris…again! I’ve visited Paris five times. The city is very special to me and Mr R as we got engaged there back in 2009. What I would really like to do now is to have a girly trip there. Shopping, sightseeing, sipping kirs in a boulevard cafe. Anyone fancy a trip to the city of light!

paris is always a good idea

3 Me and Mr R have been talking about a trip to New York for ages. We have a bit of a problem though….Mr R doesn’t do the flying bit. I’m working on it though. I’m considering the knock him out with a hammer approach, but that could be risky and rather messy…all that blood on his going away clothes would need a lot of soaking in Vanish!

New york 1new york 2

4  A Greek Island. It would have to be one of the smaller, less developed ones. One with traditional tavernas, small coves, pine trees and lots and lots of Bougainvillea. Takes me back to my Greek island hopping days !

greece 1greece 3

Hydra, Saronic Gulf, Greece.

5  The Austrian alps. Not the Swiss, or French. You see, I need to recreate the time I ran through an Austrian alpine meadow singing songs from The Sound Of Music wearing traditional costume backwards. By that I mean I was wearing the dress the wrong way around and not that I was running backwards! Before you start to worry about my sanity, I was only 11 at the time! For your information, I was pretty good at yodelling too!

austria 1My costume wasn’t a patch on this one…pity!

Austriaaustria 3

6  A spa, but only when I’ve lost a zillion pounds and I don’t have a poorly leg. So sadly that means it’s a dream, and nothing but a dream!


7  Number 38 ..A fabulous townhouse hotel in Bristol where me and Mr R spent our wedding weekend. Fabulous! http://www.number38clifton.com

number 38number 38 roomnumber 38 terrace

8  Vienna. So much culture, so much history, so much Wiener Schnitzel, so much Sacher Torte! Son number 2 has promised to take me once he has enough money saved once he is gainfully employed. Oh, and it’s also the setting of one of my favorite films of all times… The Third Man.

Viennavienna 2the third man

9  I lived in London from when I was 18 until I was 32. I haven’t really been back since. I think it’s about time I went back and wallowed in a bit of nostalgia. I don’t think The Hammersmith Palais exists anymore. Is the big Top Shop still there at Oxford Circus? So many memories !


10  Porthleven…naturally!

porthleven 1

So that’s my list. There’s nothing exotic about any of my choices. Some are achievable, some probably not. But hey..never say never!

A Cornish Mum

Hopefully the link works. Hopefully someone will read this. If not I have just wasted two hours of valuable ironing time ! xx