Bizarrely I woke up this morning thinking I really should write a post about chocolate.Weird, or what! I was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of writing about chocolate, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the post would tell you what? That I like chocolate alot. That chocolate is yummy and makes you happy, but too much makes you as chunky as a Yorkie bar and brings you out in spots. That dark chocolate is good for you if you limit eating it to a square a day (oh yeh, as if that’s ever going to happen!) That the purple Quality Street are absolutely the best and that I still miss Aztec bars.

quality street


So, the chocolate blog idea got shelved for the time being. I’m not saying that I’m never going to write a post about it, but I do think a little research is needed that possibly requires some taste testing  before that happens.Chocolate manufactures, please note, I’m more than happy to review your products!

My post today should really have been written over a week ago as it’s customary to write about your goals for the year ahead as soon the hangover on January 1st clears enough to record for all to see, that as from now on, the main goal is never, ever to touch a drop again. So, I’m a bit late, but that’s because I’m a prize procrastinator and it’s taken this long to stop scrolling through Instagram and playing countless games of Solitaire and to get my arse into gear and get writing!

This morning I found myself crying in the car listening to a David Bowie track. I wasn’t a big Bowie fan, but he was part of my growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Like most of the nation, his death was a huge shock. I was surprised by how the news had affected me. It made me acutely aware that time is passing. We don’t go on forever and that time is a precious commodity and one that should not be wasted. My reaction strengthened my determination to stop thinking “what if” and “I can’t” but to start thinking “I will” and “I can”. Now obviously I have to be realistic. Some goals are unobtainable no matter what. George Clooney is never going to ditch his gorgeous wife for a frumpy 56 year old! (Sorry, Mr R, as much as I love you to bits, if George needs me, he can have me!)

George Clooney

Oh George..lets run away together!

I can’t (oops!) make big changes, but I can (good girl) make little ones. I want to make lifestyle changes that will improve my health and fitness. I’m the shape of a melon and that’s not healthy. Consequently, my joints ache and I get puffed easily. I want to be able to buckle a shoe without struggling. I want to feel comfortable having my photo taken and not have to delete those that show me from below the shoulders. I’ve made a start. I’m eating healthily and I’ve stopped giving myself the same portions as my  very fit 6ft 6″ husband. Oh, and I’ve cut back big time on sugar. I’ve also started walking. It’s not easy to feel motivated to go out for a walk in January after a day’s work, but actually it feels pretty good once I’ve done it. My goal is to complete a sponsered walk in June. It’s only 15km, but that’s an achievable goal. I’m not giving up chocolate, but I am enjoying it as a treat and not munching my way through the chocolate aisle at Asda. It’s amazing how long you can make a finger of fudge last by nibbling it ever so slowly!

fat woman in bikini.jpg

It would be so nice not to resemble a beached whale!

I want to toughen up a bit and try not to be so sensitive. Last year, by default, I ended up in a role I didn’t feel comfortable in. I didn’t feel that I was doing a good job, and that my opinion or input counted for much. I became stressed easily and I’m ashamed to say that on one ocassion I did the whole throwing the toys out of the pram scenario. I’m not proud of that. I’m still in that role and it hasn’t got any easier, but I’m determined to not take every comment personally and to act like a mature grown up.

The getting healthy and the toughening up goals are the biggies. There are plenty of little ones that I’d also like to achieve in 2016. So in no particular order they are

  1. Drive down a sliproad without being scared
  2. Wear a dress (there are reasons why at the moment I can’t, but I won’t bore you with the details)
  3. Sit in a plane with my flying phobic husband and travel outside the UK
  4. Blog on a regular basis and make it bigger and better
  5. Attend a course of some description
  6. Go on a girls weekend away
  7. Have a manicure
  8. Visit London again
  9. Always take my make up off at bedtime and slap on the moisturiser
  10. Don’t see clothes as a luxury, but as a necessity. Buy new clothes before the old ones fall to bits.

Pie in the sky goals, or in other words, they just ain’t going to happen, but it’s ok to dream goals, include write a book, own a bakery or cafe, move to Cornwall (where I will of course have my bakery or cafe) and wear heels.

red high heels

Only in my wildest dreams!

So, there you go. My goals for 2016. I’m finishing here as I’m off to eat a rather tasty and healthy prawn, mango and noodle salad..yum!

Brigitte x