So far since starting this particular post, I’ve pressed the delete key at least a dozen times. You see I’ve been trying to be clever with words but failing miserably. At one point I was writing an analogy comparing the blogging world to a sweeping beach made up of millions of particles of sand. What a load of tosh! No wonder Miss Bush my English teacher said that I was rubbish at English, and sad to say she was right. I never liked the woman anyway. She smelt of fags, had coffee stains down her top and was in cahoots with our creepy, pervy geography teacher!

Anyway, I digress. So, giving up on the clever writing malarkey, what I want to say is that through my last post, the one where I’ve probably offended half the WI membership and anyone called Joan or Margaret, I’ve discovered a rather fabulous blog The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess written by the much clever blogger than me, Sam, who’s also a member of the wonderfully named The Uckfield Divas WI. She writes exactly in a style that I aspire to achieve. The difference is that she does it beautifully, and I plainly can’t!  It’s very witty and lovely to read. Do pop over and take a peek. But please don’t abandon me. As much as I enjoy writing my ramblings, I’d be very sad if nobody bothered to at least click on the page. It’s a bit disheartening to discover that your stats reveal that nobody loves you!

In Sam’s latest blog she answers ten questions from a questionnaire she was sent. I hope that she won’t mind if I have a go at answering the questions myself. I was going to write 10 facts about me, but the questions definitely got me thinking, so I’d thought I would give them a go.

So, here goes….

1.When were you last really scared?

Earlier this year dad, who is 87, had to go for a chest x-ray. He suffers with a troublesome cough, especially at night, and has done so for years. The chest x-ray came back showing some shadowing on his lungs. Of course you straight away think of the big C word and fear sets in. A few anxious weeks led ahead waiting for a scan and then a wait for the results. Dad became depressed , which is something he has never suffered from, and we were all understandably worried. Fortunately, the results came back showing no cancer, but the shadows were probably some lesions that were caused by inhaling dust from substances he worked with during his years in the building trade, and nothing to worry about.Phew!

2. When you were growing up what was your dream job?

I wasn’t going to work. I was going to marry a prince and become a princess ! If I couldn’t do that, I wanted to become a saint like St Bernadette of Lourdes. I spent many a day praying for the blessed Mary to appear before me and went through a bit of a religious phase. I even vowed to give myself to God before a packed Methodist hall in the centre of Bristol ! Oh, forgot to mention that by the time I was 12 I swapped from marrying a prince to marrying Donny Osmond instead!

song of bernadette

I wanted to be a saint just like Jennifer Jones!

3. If you could wake up in somebody else body tomorrow, who would it be?

Eek, tough one this.Taylor Swift perhaps and then I could hold Tom Hiddleston’s hand!

tom hiddleston

4. Your favourite piece of music?

A piece that ultimately deals with death might seem like a bit of a macabre choice. But Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss is just so beautiful and sends chills up my spine. I’ve told Mr R that it has to be played at my funeral !

four last songs

Excuse the pun, but I could play this CD to death!

5. Fondest childhood memory

My granddad was a quiet, lovely man. Trips to visit my grandparents in Bath were always a bit of an ordeal for me and my sister. Children were seen and not heard in my grandma’s eyes and we had to sit quietly on the living room floor for the entirety  dreaded visits. My sister and I used to get so stressed about being good, that we always suffered from trapped wind on the way home! Don’t ask me why, we just always did. One visit my grandad took me to Moreland Street to go shopping. Away from the stifling confines of the house we both relaxed and chatted away sucking on the mints he carried in a bag in his pocket. The memory of holding my granddad’s hand for that little walk remains with me still.

6. If you could be any age for a week what would it be?

Definitely in my early twenties. It was the time of discovering who I was, what I liked and being in love for the first time. I loved living in London, going to independent cinemas and watching foreign language films, planning dinner parties, reading literature, backpacking around Greek Islands and travelling across Europe on my own. Being a size 8 and able to dance all night without flagging was a big plus point! Oh, if only time travel was really possible…sigh!

7. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

Oh crap, look at the time. I hope the cat hasn’t pooed by the back door. He had!

8. If you could have a superpower what would it be?

To not lose my parents. I’m absolutely dreading not having them around. I have the most wonderful mum and dad who have always been there for me through thick and thin. We are a very loving family.

9. Best compliment ever received?

What a tough question! Oh goodness, I really don’t have a clue. I was rather chuffed once when a cafe in Bath asked if I would bake macarons for them. I suppose that’s a bit of a compliment!


10. Favourite word?

I tend to go a bit overboard with writing the word fabulous!

Phew! I need a glass of wine now after all that thinking!  I wonder how you would answer any of the questions?

Until next time xxx