It’s mine and Mr R’s fourth wedding anniversary today ! Unless my beloved husband has a surprise planned, we aren’t celebrating it. We’ve bought each other a card, but there’s no fizz chilling in the fridge, and I’d be amazed if any flowers arrived. Last year he organised a lovely weekend away staying in the same hotel room where we spent our wedding night, but that was totally out of character and probably arranged because I had dropped a zillion hints that I really, really wanted to make an occasion of our third anniversary. I’ve dropped no such hints this year, so he probably thinks he’s got away with thinking a card will suffice. Well, let me make it patently clear Mr R, it absolutely will not!

This time four years ago, we were married, had eaten our wedding breakfast and were probably making our way to Brandon Hill in Bristol with our photographer to get some outside shots of the two of us. Walking up busy Park Street in a wedding dress was a bit of a surreal experience. There’s me; 52, five foot nothing and lets just say, well padded. There’s him; 53 and six-foot six. Throw in a wedding dress and a bunch of flowers and we were bound to get a few stares and the odd comment. We didn’t care a jot though in all honesty. Being happy and having drank champagne since breakfast meant that we could have roller skated stark naked and we wouldn’t have given a hoot to what anyone thought!

I loved our wedding day. I absolutely loved all of the planning and organising. Not once did I stress or turn into a bridezilla. For two years I was in my element and spent many a happy hour discovering the joys of Ebay! We wanted our wedding to be about us and we wanted to share our special day with people who meant a great deal to the two of us. It was bijou and informal. We didn’t bother with wedding cars , bridesmaids or favours, but focused on making sure we got a fabulous photographer and splashed out on great catering.One aspect of the wedding I wasn’t really comfortable with and regretted was me in a wedding dress! I wish I had listened to my mum’s advice and stuck to wearing a simple floral two piece in some floaty fabric instead of opting for all of that hideous satin and lace. Talk about mutton dressed as lamb!

Anyway, as always I’ve rambled on for far too long. I’ll finish here with some images of our  wonderful wedding day. Enjoy!