Confession time! I have three very good reasons why my blog posts have been somewhat sporadic of late. I feel it is about time I explained why.


I have a sticky space bar on my laptop.Now doesn’t that sounds like a prize cop-out, but believe me, it really is so frustrating to tap away at a whole paragraph, look up from the keyboard and discover not a single finger space. I then have to go back and pop them all in which is, I can tell you now, very time-consuming. Please excuse the term “finger space”. If you work or have five year olds then you know that it is part of your every day vocabulary!



I seem to have over stretched myself on committing to this, that and the other. It seems that nearly every evening I’m out at one of two committee meetings, book club, supper club, Rock Choir and WI meetings, and that’s all before anything else that might just happen to crop up. No wonder my Sky + is 99% full. I yearn for commitment free evenings  to stick my feet up, wearing tatty joggers and top and to  tap out a blog post or two. Okay, let’s make that just one. This post alone has taken me two hours! The trouble is that I get all enthusiastic about something and throw myself into it with great gusto. Two years ago I joined the WI. Typical me then joins the committee, steps in as President, starts a crochet group, joins the book group, becomes a member of a sub-committee, organises events and attends every single meeting.This month I decided that I’m taking a little WI breather and am going to focus on catching up with other things that I enjoy doing, or things that just need to be done, like finish crocheting the blanket for little Moo that was supposed to be a baby blanket. Moo is now 19 months old. She might get it by the time she reaches 19 years old if she’s lucky!


If I were to be totally honest, my “all quiet on the blogging front” reasons really hinges on this one. This one being that I struggle with thinking of something really interesting to write about. My tag line to my blog might well be Notes From An Ordinary Life, but come on, who in their right mind wants to read my ramblings about nothing in particular? I don’t even know what genre my little blog belongs to. I suppose the closest one would be life style, but even then, that’s pushing it. I have thought about attending a blogging convention, but I really haven’t got the foggiest which. Is there one for 50 somethings whose blog just rambles? Do I belong anywhere? My blogging doldrums was lifted  when I flicked through Marian Keyes book Making It Up As I Go Along in the Waterstones in Abergavenny whilst Mr was on the hunt for Ordnance Survey maps. I was instantly struck by Marian’s hilarious accounts of little every day things. Marian is an extremely clever writer and very successful and it would be foolish of me to think that I could ever write anywhere near as well as she can, but she has inspired me to carry on writing about anything and everything, no matter how trivial, daft or just downright boring. Marian, you are my hero!


Ladies and gentlemen, I think that I’ve found my blogging mojo once more!

Nowto get thisstuck space bar sorted!

Brigitte xx