Hurrah..I love my little blog again and if it weren’t for the fact that  I can only type as fast as a snail can sliver on a go slow day, I would love to be churning out posts on a daily rate.The trouble there is that the quantity would far out-weigh the quality. Not that I’m saying for a moment that my weekly posts can be deemed as anywhere near being in the quality league but daily posts would end up with me scraping the barrel and writing a whole load of utter dross. As it is, life has sort of got into a bit of a rut lately and as much as the enthusiasm is there and I want to keep blogging away, truth be told, I struggle to know what to write about! I wonder if my posts are just a little too random, and that I am just drifting aimlessly from post to post.

So, the  questions I ask myself are… Why do I blog? For whose benefit is my blog and what sort of blog do I want A Fifty Something Me to be?

The first question is an easy one to answer, I blog because I enjoy it. As simple as that. I may not write well, and my grammar definitely leaves a lot to be desired, but I like writing and if you like writing for pleasure then actually that’s all that really matters isn’t it. My style of writing is very much putting down my thoughts as they come into my head. That’s probably why sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. I do feel that my writing needs a bit of a tweek here or there but to tweek it too much wouldn’t then be my writing. Does that make sense?

If I said that I write a blog just for my benefit then I would be telling a bit of a fib. I believe that bloggers blog because in truth they want other people to read it. I get a real buzz thinking that someone out there is reading my little ramblings. Not just here in the UK, but as far-flung as Australia or South America. How cool is that! I know from my statistics that in the grand scheme of things hardly anyone reads it, but the fact that someone does is pretty good going. Would I like more people to read my posts? Yes of course I do, but maybe in its current format that’s just not going to happen. Would I read it if I were someone else? Probably, but that’s because I enjoy reading blogs written by people who write with a sense of humour about the comings and goings of their own everyday lives.

The last question is the one that I’m finding tricky to get my head around. Should my blog have more focus? What category does it fall under? It would be so much easier if it were clear-cut. You know exactly where you’re at if you are a foodie blogger, or a travel blogger, or a fashion blogger! I really enjoy reviewing, but I would then be in danger of having a mish mash of things going on. One week I’m reviewing a book, the next I’m spouting on about the fact that my bum is too big! Is it actually ok just as it is? So much food for thought!

There are improvements that I would like to make and they are all to do with the techy side of blogging. I am a real numpty when it comes to any technical aspects of computing. How I ever managed to create a basic blog is a miracle in itself! I would love to know how to improve on its appearance and be a little more creative by using graphics and better layouts. I wish I understood how to use all the features in the left hand side of this page. The bit you can’t see when you read my posts!

I know it’s a bit cheeky to ask, but if you have any opinions or advice I would be eternally grateful, even if it’s just to tell me that I should stop wasting three hours of one finger typing and take up knitting instead!


Maybe my creativity lies elsewhere. Instead of blogging I could be knitting lots of fabulously stylish outfits!

Brigitte xx