I know it’s only been two days since I lasted posted on here, but for this week I’m afraid it’s going to be just like waiting for ages for a bus and then two come at once, but in this case just swap busses for blog posts.

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to write my last post about my hair deciding to fall out as it’s a bit of an embarrassing problem to share with everyone, but then it occurred to me that it really is nothing to be ashamed of and as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and the response I’ve had to my post has been amazing. It’s been one of my most read posts and I’m truly gobsmacked with all of the positive vibes and messages of support I’ve received. I feel heaps better for having written it and know now that it was definitely the right decision to make.

I’m writing this post hot on the heels of the last one as I’m really excited to tell you all about the fabulous bed and breakfast me and Mr R stayed at over the weekend. It’s my first attempt at writing a review about a place to stay so please bear with me. Actually, I rather fancy being a hotel/bed and breakfast/glamping/cruise reviewer. Do get in touch if you want one!! I could start blog number three and call it A Fifty Something Me Packs Her Bags. On second thoughts, that sounds as though me and Mr R have had a major tiff and I’ve left him!

Enough silliness Brigitte and let’s get on with it!

I started following Mount Pleasant Farm Bed and Breakfast earlier in the year on Instagram. At that time, it was still in the process of being transformed into a stylish bed and breakfast and I really enjoyed watching everything take shape as the transformation progressed. Daisy, the owner also keeps sheep, and it was easy to share her excitement and love for the woolly creatures especially at lambing time. When I saw the photos of the finished rooms I was simply blown away. I’m really picky when it comes to looking for the perfect accommodation to stay in. I really don’t do bland, boring, safe or chintz and much prefer places that are stylish but not overly so. I want a chair to be a chair and not a statement piece! I love places that reflect the owners own personality and creativity, and somewhere where you feel that you can kick off your shoes, relax and breathe! Daisy’s beautiful b&b ticked all my boxes and I longed to be a guest.

After the dreaded lurgy we decided that what we really needed after that horrible time was a little weekend away. Mr R announced that he was going to sort it and that it would be a big surprise. There was only one place I really wanted to go, so I kept sticking the Mount Pleasant Facebook page under his nose and kept my fingers and toes well and truly crossed!

And guess what? Mr R listened to the huge hints and was a total love and booked two nights at my number one destination. Daisy was sworn to secrecy as he knew that we sent comments to each other on Instagram, and bless her, she remained zip lipped about our stay.

Mount Pleasant is a beautiful whitewashed farmhouse down a country lane in Chapel Allerton near Wedmore in Somerset. It’s set on a gently sloping hill and has fabulous views across to the Quantocks, although Mr R swore they were the Blackdown Hills. A little map viewing later and I was proved right. Yay, I love to prove Mr R wrong. If you ever meet him just mention Hengistbury Head!

Before you even enter the farmhouse you need to take time to admire all of the pots of plants, the inviting swimming pool and the pond. I felt like I was in a little corner of France instead of rural Somerset when I spotted the pots of geraniums on the steps of a barn. Daisy came out to greet us and it was so lovely to finally meet her and put a face to a name. She is a fabulous host and wants nothing more than for her guests to have a wonderful stay. It’s the thoughtful touches that stand out like being given a torch for walks to the local excellent pub and leaving out wine glasses and Scrabble when we mentioned that we fancied a games night. She is passionate about her business and has great plans for the future which include doing cream teas, opening a gallery and murder mystery weekends.


The first room you enter is the guest living and breakfast room. The ceiling was a bit low for 6ft 6″ Mr R, but he coped with a little stooping. The room is cosy and tastefully decorated with walls covered in art work, shelves full of  books and board games, a basket of enormous shiny Christmas baubles and lots of collectibles and curiosities. Being a farmhouse, there had to be a fireplace and sure enough a woodburner stood at one end of the room. I can just imagine staying on a winter’s break, curled up on the  enormous squidgy with a roaring log fire going and reading my way through those books. Bliss!


There are four guest rooms available and we stayed in room number 2, and what a wow  room it is too. The room is styled with Orla Keily fabrics and wall paper in orange, black and slate grey. There is an eclectic mix of old and new furniture that sits well with each other. The bed is huge and wonderfully comfortable. The bed linen is equally luxurious. A hum-free fridge contained a jug of fresh milk and bottled water and a cake tin contained a whole homemade Victoria sandwich. I’m afraid we cut extra-large slices to go with out tea. Well it would have been rude not to! There is a TV and WiFi for those who need to keep in touch with the outside world, but I bet those TVs don’t get too much use. This is a place you want to forget that there is a world out there beyond the fields and hills! Mr R who is very fussy about his showers just loved the wet room shower. He’s now hinting that he wants one, just after we’ve had our en-suite refurbished! He also loved the copper piping that had been fashioned into taps. I meanwhile really liked the quirky touches like the Princess and the Pea box on top of the wardrobe and the silver lined cupboard filled with curiosities. All of the rooms are very different. Some have wet rooms, some have big copper baths. One has a fabulous four-poster. I think I need to stay in them all!

Breakfasts at Mount Pleasant are huge and delicious and will set you up for the day. In fact, you probably won’t need to eat again until the following morning. There is plenty to choose from whist you wait for your cooked breakfast to arrive. There’s homemade granola, pastries, yogurt and fresh fruit. The bread is homemade as are the jams and marmalade. Eggs, sausages, bacon and black pudding are produced locally and are top notch quality. I had creamy, herby mushrooms on toast one morning and were to die for. There’s tea served in a teapot with a knitted cosy, excellent coffee in a cafetière and flowers on the table.The beautiful crockery doesn’t match thankfully, and don’t tell Daisy, but I was sorely tempted to pop the cups and saucers under my jumper and pop them in my suitcase. (Of course I would never do such a thing!)


There is a lot to see and do in this beautiful area. We visited Wells, Cheddar, Brean Down, Burnham on Sea (where Mr R had a close shave with a coconut mushroom, but that’s another story!) We loved Clevedon, and spent a whole afternoon exploring Tyntesfield, a National Trust property south of Bristol. Next time we would like to explore those Quontocks, or maybe Mr R’s Blackdown Hills!

So, that’s my review and I’m afraid it’s obvious that I’ll never make a reviewer as I write far too much, but there was so much to say about this fabulous b&b. I just couldn’t leave anything out. We absolutely loved our stay and it was just what we both needed. I for one came home feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to return to work.If you are looking for a relaxing weekend or midweek break, then I can’t recommend Mount Pleasant highly enough!

Daisy doesn’t have a website as yet, but she does have Facebook page for her business. We paid £115 per night for our room.


or phone 01934 710285