Afternoon all!

I’ve given myself a bit of a talking too. My blog posts are just too long winded and a bit too rambley. Four hours to write a post is ridiculous, although a good proportion of that time is often spent snoozing. Why does typing make me feel so woozy, and yet scrolling through Instagram doesn’t. Eek, just dozed off then. Maybe eating a whole packet of Percy Pigs doesn’t help, but have you ever tried to just eat one or two? Totally impossible!

percy pigs

Impossible to stop at one!

I can’t believe that I’ve had the audacity of gorging on those pink piggy shaped confectionaries when the reason why I’m posting is that I seriously need to change my ways and adapt a healthier lifestyle but apart from the obvious things you need to do like eat better, move more, sleep longer, drink water by the bucket load and ditch the bad habits -note, I’ve thrown out the empty sweet packet in disgust – I don’t know what else to do, so I went and bought myself a magazine that promises to help me feel and look fabulous all summer, and settled down to discover how with a cuppa and a slice of cake. I can hear you all tut tutting and yes I realise, I’m probably a lost cause but I’m still in the preparation stage and not in the doing it for real stage yet. I did at least pop a bag of chia seeds in my shopping basket as well as the Percy Pigs, so I’ve made a start.

Anyway, moving on. Swiftly flicking through the fashion pages – they just make me want to weep – I discovered the healthy well-being articles. “Whoo hoo, this is it,” thought I “lots of advice to follow.” My enthusiasm started to wane somewhat when I came across words like “sarcopenia” and “ashwagandha” and that I ought to start eating seaweed, stand on one leg, brush my hands, wears weights on my ankles when I walk and eat lots of eggs. At which point I cut myself another wedge of cake!


So, back to square one. Now I’m no spring chicken and I’m feeling far from fabulous at fifty. I find myself getting envious of women my age who look down right gorgeous, have fabulous figures and can probably bound up a flight of stairs two steps at a time and still talk at the top without being thecolour of a beetroot and gasping for air.  I want to be like them too, but I bet they have bags of willpower whereas I have diddly-squat. And that is the crux of the problem. I give up far too easily and slip back into my lazy, sweet piggy eating ways. I always start off with good intentions when I’ve had enough of feeling (and being) fat, frumpy and totally out of condition. Out go the baking books and in come Deliciously Ella. My shopping bills treble when I load up with enough fruit and veg (organic naturally) to open a greengrocers, buy grains I can’t pronounce the names of, ditch cows milk in favour of nutty ones, forgo wine and fizzy drinks for water and leave anything remotely caffeinated on the shelf. Within days I’m feeling hungry, headachy and sick to death of all things green. And where am I going wrong? Of course, I’m taking one big step, instead of little ones, and it’s too big a change.

helen mirren 2

Just look at Helen Mirren, and she’s older than me! I want to be Helen Mirren!

deliciouslly ella

As healthy as it looks. I’m not sure if I could eat something like this all the time.

The school holidays are about to start and I’m now fully recovered from the dreaded lurgy. I have time to try and make those small steps. We are going to Cornwall in five weeks time and I would really like to try and keep up with my fit and long limbed husband when we are out and about on one of our walks without huffing and puffing and feeling in need of oxygen. I want to enjoy those walks instead of dreading them. I don’t want to feel sluggish anymore and I want to look wide eyed and bushy tailed and not feel permanently knackered. Eating a diet loaded with sugar no doubt doesn’t help. After all the trauma my poor body went through a few months ago, it deserves to be looked after and not abused and neglected.

Beautiful young woman jumping on  the beach with a colored tissue

I’m not saying that  I want to be able to run along a Cornish beach but a little jog now and then might be nice!

I’ve been contemplating trying yoga recently, but can a very unfit woman with more spare tyres than Dunlop actually do it? I’m not sure where my toes are, let alone be able to touch them. What if I can’t get up from my yoga mat? Do you have to wear leggings and little tops? I did buy a yoga hair band yesterday but that was because they are good at hiding bald patches!


Maybe a little bit too ambitious!

If you can give me any hints, tips and advice I will be eternally grateful. I’m realistic in what I can and can’t achieve. I’m never going to be one of those gorgeous fab at fifty women but it would be good to feel that I’m glowing with health and that I can almost touch those toes!

Good news on the hair loss saga. I went to see the doctor today who reassured me that it was temporary and due to my illness. Meanwhile I’ve been told that I suit hairbands. If you know where I can get pretty ones please let me know.

Until next time amigos!

Brigitte xxx