My rather extended summer blogging break is over and it’s time to re-aquaint myself with my little blog that is now in its 6th year. It started out as A Fifty Something Bride and once all the wedding stuff was done and dusted it became the blog it is today. Nothing much has changed over the years. My posts continue to be about whatever’s rattling around in my head at the time, so randomness, if that’s a word, has always been how my blog rocks. A post about Cornwall one day, followed by one about the tribulations of not owning a pair of jeans the next. At times I wish my blog was a bit more focused and I could drop into a conversation that I write a blog about, let’s say, being a menopausal traveller, or styling for short, curvaceous women of “a certain age” ! What do you think? Too niche maybe? Over the years it has somewhat niggled me that my blog has no real purpose and I admit to secretly being enviable of my fellow bloggers who have categories and a menu on their beautifully designed blog pages and get awards and go to blogging conventions and get given stuff or go places to review. There is a big difference though between their blogs and mine and that is that they put in far more time and energy into researching and putting together their posts and work hard at getting people to read their blogs by posting great content on a regular basis and most importantly, they can write brilliantly ! One such person that I really admire and has a great blog is Kerry Life and Loves Her posts are really well written, great to read, informative and often heartfelt. Another great new blog that I’m really looking forward to reading is Lara in the Middle It’s blogs like these that are my benchmark of a great blog. If you have a moment pop over to their sites and have a look for yourselves. They really are worth reading.

My little blog will have reached the end of its life next summer as I pass from one decade into another which is at times a pretty scary thought, although in my heart I know I should be telling myself that age is just a number and to look forward to another exciting episode in my life, even if it is one where the wrinkles are appearing thick and fast and that I’ll be able to get around on a bus for free. Time then maybe to take advantage of that bus pass to travel the length of the country in the name of research and get that novel written! I’m wondering if A Fifty Something Me should simply become A Sixty me or should I start afresh and start a whole new blog with a new name, design and format. Maybe it’ll be time to stop blogging altogether and leave it to the youngsters, as my dear mum would suggest. I wouldn’t be surprised if she cuts out adverts about Stennah Lifts and zip up boottee slippers and pops them in with my birthday card. For the last decade she has reminded me that a life as a pensioner is just around the corner and Tena ladies should be on my weekly shopping list along with The People’s Friend magazine. Bless my mum she means well and  I love her to bits but I wish I could get her to understand that I’m not into crimplene or a wash and set just yet!

This post was meant to be all about my city break in Rome, but as usual I have gone off on a tangent. It’ll just  have to wait as I’m multi tasking and have the washing machine soap dispenser thingy currently soaking and waiting to be scrubbed. It does amaze me how things meant to contain stuff to get things clean end up getting grubby. It’s just another one of life’s little mysteries!

Until next time then dear friends when I promise not to ramble and waffle and write something hopefully worthwhile.

Brigitte xx