It’s turning out to be a funny old world right now. This time last year we would never have imagined in a million years that our lives would be turned upside down. Not just here in the UK but right across the globe. In recent years especially, we have worried about the damage us as human beings are doing to the environment. We watch and read about the horror of war, conflict and terrorism. Our home that is our beautiful planet, our very being as a civilisation, is in danger of being put into jepordy because of our actions. And yet, it is something that we can’t see with the naked eye and that we haven’t created ourselves that we find ourselves having to deal with.

Throughout time we have had to deal with catastrophic pandemics that have killed millions. The Black Death, the Plague, the Spanish Flu. People died because heath care was either non existant or primitive to say the least. There was little understanding about infection control, general health and hygiene was poor and over-crowding common. But that was in the past. Plagues and the like just don’t happen these days do they? Especially not in the advanced western world. You hear about the likes of Ebola outbreaks, but they only happen in poor developing counties don’t they! We live in an era where medical science is advanced and we believe that everything can be pretty much cured. Something like this has come as a shock. It’s something that we can’t wave a magic wand and fix just like that!

Who would have believed that a microscopic sphere covered in antennae looking protrusions would cause panic, fear and that country by country grind to a halt as the population turn to the safe haven that is their home. Battening down the hatches and wait to ride it out. Ride it out we will as long as we do as we are told and stay a safe distance away from each other. It won’t be any time soon. We need to be patient, adjust to a new way of living for the time being, and be kind and supportive of each other. We have a brilliant health service with absolutely bloody amazing people from cleaners to consultants who are stretched to their limit and doing their very, very best to help those who have become gravely ill with the virus. They will say that they are just doing their job, but they do it selflessly and put themselves at risk every single day. Of course they are all superheroes whose capes are replaced with protective clothing.

We mustn’t forget those that work in the food chain who ensure that we can put food on the table. Carers who look after the elderly, frail and vulnerable. Those that work in schools and other childcare provisions who are there for the children to enable their keyworker parents to go to work. The council workers who empty our wheelie bins and the electricians and plumbers who will sort out our faulty boilers, burst pipes or electrical emergencies. The post office and bank employees. Those that work in warehouses that allow us to still shop online. People who work in media who keep us informed. The scientists working on a vaccine and our politicians who have to make decisions that we may not always like but are made in our best interest. The list goes on and no doubt I have forgotten people who are doing a fabulous job of keeping the wheels of our country turning albeit at a much slower pace than we are used to.

I do wonder in some obscure illogical way, that this invisible enemy is nature’s way of trying to slow down a planet that is in danger of spinning out of control. It’s become a mad, mad world and in I worry that its turning into the stuff of science fiction and dystopian fiction and films. It could be the wake up call that we desperately need. If only it could be so without the loss of so many lives. Have you seen the rainbows that children have been putting in their windows? It’s a wonderful symbol of hope, peace and serenity after a storm. Hopefully we will learn to appreciate each other and time more. Slow down and be more aware of what really matters. Maybe become better people. Become a better, caring society and one that isn’t about me, me, me and one that is less materialistic. Maybe out of bad comes good.

Perhaps we will have a Brave New World!

Keep safe and well everyone.