I went on a train the other day. Normally I take whichever novel I am reading at the time with me to pass the time, but the book that I’m reading at the moment is the size of a brick and just wouldn’t fit in my bag. Staring out of the window is boring when you’ve made that journey hundreds of times so I dug out the notebook I always carry around with me and started to write a list. Not the usual “I am on a rare day out by myself and this is what I need to buy” sort of list, but more of the “Fifty things to do before I die” variety. I didn’t keep tabs on numbers and some of the things on my list I’ve already done. Some things are achievable, and others are just wishful thinking. Still, it was fun, passed the time and better than reading First Great Western’s safety instructions card!


  1. Drive onto a slip road without wanting to close my eyes and panic
  2. Wear high heels
  3. Tapdance
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Sail a boat
  6. Spend some time on Christmas Day helping out in a homeless shelter
  7. Own a red coat
  8. Grow vegetables
  9. Paint with watercolours
  10. Be a contestant on Great British Bake Off
  11. Learn how to use a DSLR camera
  12. Meet someone famous
  13. Hold a tea party or coffee morning for charity
  14. See my boys successful and happy
  15. Drive coast to coast in the US
  16. Treat Mr R to a visit to Berlin to see the Berlin Philharmonic in concert
  17. Get Mr R on a plane
  18. Watch a musical
  19. Learn to decorate cakes
  20. Own an iphone
  21. Learn to knit
  22. Learn to crochet
  23. Climb a mountain
  24. Sing in a choir
  25. Go to an opera
  26. Take my mum to the Italian lakes
  27. Be an extra in a film
  28. Lose weight
  29. Walk fast, up hill, up lots of stairs without panting
  30. Have a spa tratment
  31. See the Northern Lights
  32. Move to Bristol
  33. Swim in the sea
  34. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
  35. Wear false eye lashes
  36. Type with more than one finger
  37. Write the Mrs Flowers stories
  38. Paint my own toe nails
  39. Own a cafe by the sea
  40. Ride a bike
  41. Win a pub quiz
  42. Go to New York

So there you have it. This list is by no means complete. Every now and again something new pops into my head. But this will do for now. The things listed are by no means numbered in order of importance. Of course I would rate seeing my boys happy above tap dancing!

Now if anyone reading this can help me tick off anything on my “to do” list, then you would be my friend forever!