Nearly two years ago I made the big leap into the wonderful world of blogging. To be honest I didn’t really have any idea what a blog was, but as a fully paid up member of Facebook and Twitter and rather bitten by the social media bug, I thought that I may as well go the whole hog and get myself a blog! What to write about was easy. I was getting married and therefore had heaps of wedding planning stuff to ramble on about. How to put my thoughts into words wasn’t so easy. Miss Bush my English teacher was never very impressed by my essay writing and I was forever being told off for waffling on and on, page after page about nothing in particular.

You must not waffle Brigitte !

Seeing my first post complete with a very obvious misspelt word in the heading was a great achievement and from then on I was hooked. I didn’t post every day. I’m a one fingered typist and each post took forever. Besides, I had become rather addicted to Ebay, sourcing lots of bits and pieces for our wedding. Many an hour was spent looking for the perfect Eiffel Tower! There were times when I became despondent that nobody was reading my little blog. I would look anxiously at the stats and on a good day it would reach the dizzy number  of 90 people viewing. But those days were few and far between. Maybe people didn’t want to read about the journey to the altar by a bride who definitely was “big,fat and wide” and on the wrong side of 50! There are plenty of fabulous wedding blogs featuring “real” brides who look stunning in amazing dresses. If I were planning a wedding, then those are the blogs that I’d be looking at!

Hours were spent looking for our very own Eiffel Tower!

Mr R and I were married in July and with a blog called A Fifty Something Bride, I knew that it was time to call it a day. I was no longer a bride and had nothing wedding orientated to write about. I did toy with the idea of writing a wedding blog focusing on the more mature bride but I really wouldn’t have known where to start. Maybe that’s a project for the future. As far as I know there isn’t anything for brides of a certain age and in my opinion there really ought to be!

The happy couple!

A Fifty Something Bride may have bitten the dust, but I wasn’t ready to close up my laptop just yet. I wanted to carry on blogging, but about what? After much tossing and turning I had a eureka moment, woke Mr R up, who was not a happy chappy and announced that my new blog was going to be about me! Rather than completely put blog number out to pasture, blog number 2 would just carry on from where I left off. Simples! I would write about what ever was happening at the time, and what ever took my fancy. Now I’m not saying that I’ll bore you all silly by going along the  ….First, I got up. Then I got dressed. After that I had breakfast…route. But don’t expect exciting recounts of my latest bungee jumping adventure either !

But, then again, who knows what the future may bring! Being in your 50’s does not mean that you are too old to go off on an adventure of a lifetime or try lots of new experiences. Quite the opposite in fact! So, without much further ado, I proclaim A Fifty Something Me open for business. Please come and take a peek now and again. And do please write a comment. Receiving comments make all of this rather exhausting one finger typing worth it!