Recently I discovered a fab new blog called A Cornish Mum written by the lovely Stevie. Not only does she write great posts but she always replies to comments and has been a great help when it comes to matters of blogging. I can do the writing posts bit, but am hopeless at all the rest. One brill piece of advice she gave me was to link up with other bloggers. One of her earlier posts was to tell 10 facts about herself and invite other bloggers to do the same, hence the linking up. What a fab idea and definitely one to try for myself. So, if you blog, why not link up with me and other bloggers by posting your own list. If you don’t blog then I would love to receive any comments. You don’t know quite how excited I get when I do receive one. They really do make my blogging even more worthwhile knowing that someone has taken a moment to jot down their thoughts. And whilst you are here, do go over to Stevie’s blog and say hi!

So here are my ten facts!


I was born and grew up in Bristol. It’s my favourite city in the world (second favourite being Paris) and I still get a buzz every time I visit. I left in 1977 and apart from a disastrous six months living in a grotty flat in the early 80’s, I’ve only ever been a visitor, never a resident. For 38 years I’ve hankered to return and live  there, but somehow I don’t think I ever will.

I have been featured in a copy of Womens Weekly. It was an article about marrying later in life. Our wedding was styling was also featured in a wedding magazine. Both thanks to the power of social media.

I am hopeless when it comes to buying clothes, especially shoes. Nothing suits me, nothing fits. I’m too short, my feet are too wide. My bum, tum and boobs too big. I wear clothes until they fall apart and I have no option but to replace them. I do however like buying scarves!

I trained as a nurse but used to wish I had chosen a career in teaching. Being a teaching assistant, I know all too well how tough it and time-consuming the job  is. Weekends off..ha, what are those! Now I’m quite glad that I didn’t have the qualifications to do my teacher training.

I love coffee swiss rolls, Sauvignon blanc, focaccia, black olives, Manchengo cheese, roast pork and crackling, Percy Pigs, milk chocolate, Walkers ready salted crisps, black Americano coffee, cheesy mashed potatoes and dripping on toast.

I have been in court three times and prison once and yet I do not have a criminal record!

I love the far west of Cornwall especially a little cove at Cape Cornwall. I’ve told Graham that that’s where I want my ashes scattered. Well, you have to think of these things no matter how macabre it may seem.

Despite learning how to drive in central London, I am a wuss when it comes to driving and avoid it if I possibly can. When I took my car in for its MOT the mechanic couldn’t believe how few miles it had done in the last year!

I met Graham on an internet dating site. His first words to me when we met in the flesh were “Aren’t you tiny” I, being a lady, resisted replying “..and aren’t you huge!” He’s 6ft 6 and I’m 5ft nothing. We could never take up ballroom dancing together!

I would love to be a serious blogger. I think it would be rather nice to be asked to review cruises and stays in five-star hotels. All expenses paid of course. Failing that, I would be quite happy to review crisps, chocolate or scarves!

Pile of Candy

So there you are. That actually was quite hard to do and I’m sure I missed out lots of far more interesting facts. They will  no doubt come to me in the middle of the night! Isn’t that just always the way!

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