A day off from blogging, but keeping with the Cornish vibe, here’s a post I wrote back in the summer of ’13.


It’s now well over a week since we returned from our fabulous holiday in the far west of Cornwall. We are both suffering badly from withdrawel symptoms and feel a twing of jealousy towards all of the people who are booked into our little holiday cottage after our departure. We did threaten to barricade ourselves in and refuse to leave. As far as we were concerned that was our cottage and we would only leave kicking and screaming. Of course we left without putting up a fight, but I can’t say we departed willingly. Later that day it dawned on us that another couple were settling in and still had a holiday ahead of them to look forward to, and that made us very sad indeed!

I have been visiting Cornwall for holidays ever since I was a little girl. Back then we were bundled into the back of the…

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